Praying For Others


  • prayer request

    I've been battling in my mind. I struggle here and there. Attacks in my mind. Ive been reading & listening to the Bible. Staying connected @ church. But it seems it doesn't want to go away.. Thank you & God bless you.

  • The Children

    Please pray for all the children caught up in the crossfire of families in their addiction with drugs and alcohol. Pray for the system to seek out and find the foster homes that are not healthy for the children and have no business taking in or taking care of children. Pray for the Child Protective Services personnel to have a heart for the children and not just be out to get the parents.

  • Home Alone

    Lauri is back out over the road and I am home alone again. We believe that this is what we need to do right now so please keep us in prayer while we are apart from each other. This is already proving to be really tough for both of us but God has a plan and all we can do is follow what we believe His plan is. Thank you all and I love you all in Jesus.

  • Pray for me and Lauri

    Lauri is back over the road driving truck for a while. Please keep her in prayer for safe travels and for her safety while parked. Please pray for our finances as well as we are struggling right now. I know that God has us in His hands and everything will work out according to His plans but He wants us as a Body to come together and agree in prayer so that He receives glory and praise. Thank you all and God bless His children.