Praise Reports


  • Today we observed a man laying under the awning of a building freezing with the wind blowing 20+ mph. We were able to give him some food, a hot cup of coffee, a blanket and a hoodie. But best of all we were able to prayer over him and talk to him about Jesus or Lord. Our God is so awesome. I prayed for God to put someone in my path to minister to and withing minutes there he was. I love You Lord.

  • Lauri got her truck issued and drove to Texas to get it. It was a twelve hour drive and we give God the praise for her safe travel and for a good truck. The truck is a 2016 Peterbuilt with an automatic transmission. She loves the fact that she can concentrate on her driving and not have to worry about shifting all the time. Thank you Father God for keeping her safe and making her job easier with such an awesome truck.